Peter Smith in his 5 year.

Born 1983 to Charles and Leanne Smith, who mysteriously disappeared a few months after his birth to keep him safe from Orculispine, only to be killed six months later in the hiding spot under the Tenebra charm. During that Frightning time Peter was with his Granparents George and Katherine Mcleod on their farm.

For ten Years Peter was working on the farm until he started to have weird visions about a adolescent male walking down an alley way and he follow the adolescent male to a place called "Rendrac" a strange bank.

When he had awaken from his vision he told his grand parents about those visions he was having, then the story came out.

They told him everything, he was a wizard and son of Charles and Leanne Smith who were also wizard, he was delighted but his grandparents told him there was dark arts in store for Peter after all Peter was still strange even for a wizard.

On the way to the Darious garden where young wizards get there supplies he met a boy tall blonde boy named Dan Hollow and they instantly got along and talked about teachers and classes because he too just discovered he was a wizard and he wondered if anything was going to be the same after that.

Peter Waved goodbye to Dan and went to get his supplies the first thing he got was a set of Alabastor robes, the second thing he got was a Small silver cauldron for Potions class, then he got his wand from Vladimir's. Next thing he knew he was off to Alabastors.

On the plane to Alabastors he saw Dan arguing with a pretty auburn haired girl named Adelaide Stevens he went over to them and asked what was the problem Dan Said, 'She thinks Noramad is better than Football.' Peter had no idea what Noramad was so he let them argue.

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